47th day Wed 28th May: Visiting inside Potala Palace in Lhasa then drive to Shigatse in Tibet

We are making the visit to Potala Palace (PP) in a special religious month in the Tibetan calendar. Large numbers of people can be seen circling not only the Potala Palace grounds, which is massive, but also other religious parts of the city, from once, three, five (odd numbers only) times in the day. Quite a tough feat considering, large number who were walking were elderly and distances they will be covering.

Click Here to Watch The Video of Potala Palace Walk

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During the religious month Tibetian Buddhists also refrain from eating meat. Meat is normally in their diet because of the altitude above sea level on which Tibet lies, however it is not a preference for them.

The three Buddhas in PP were givers of Wisdom, Power, Energy  and Compassion, all teachings to get rid of the three main poisons and be able to live a better life – the three poisons they suggested are Ignorance, Desire and Hatred.

Today we were actually visiting the inside of PP but first we had to walk
to the top, equivalent to almost a 13 story high building.

Original start to PP dates back to the 7th century, it is the highest building in Lhasa. There is a Red and White part to the Palace, the former is smaller and mainly used by the previous Dalai Lamas for administration, learning and meeting dignitaries. The White part is the monastery/Chapel and is still used today for prayer. In its entire construction, no nails have been used. It is the 5th Dalai Lama who seems to have the pride of position at PP. Also buried here under a massive ‘Stupa’ to his name which has over 3700 kg of gold in its construction.


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A priest in reflective thought.

photo 3

Long drapes made of Yak fur, protects paint from the sometimes fierce direct sunlight.


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Potala Palace is surrounded by 8 auspicious mountains.

Below is the White Palace – previously used by the Dalai Lama as their admin and meeting place with dignitaries.

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We saw an extremely old method of using natural material and tools to make as a final finished, a solid extremely smooth floor:

Click to Watch Traditional Method of Making Floor

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Painstakingly slow but produces a great finish.


On the previous evening, we had decided to visit the Potala Palace to see its magnificence in full lighting. It really was spectacular (4 images from the previous evening are below):

photo 1

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Today, walking back to the hotel, we saw something we had not seen before. Unsure whether I should have sent these next two clips, but on balance I decided to do so – although these are very cute, but it highlights child poverty is universal and a child’s innocence should not be taken away at such a young age.

Click Here to Watch a Child Singing

Click Here to Watch a Child Dancing

After this we headed towards Shigatse in Tibet. On the way we experienced rain for the first time. Driving was fun.

Click Here to Watch our Drive in the Rain

Click Here to Watch our Drive in the Rain Video 2

Some photos of our journey to Shigatse – hugging Lhasa River most of the way.


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