Onward to Volgogard

15th day Sat 26th April
Again an early start – have a lot of mileage to cover
Generally have now settled down with where everything is kept – in my bag!
Have to say ,should have brought fewer clothes,because at every stage we have had the opportunity to access a laundry machine.
Internet access has been brilliant throughout our journey – even in the Russian hotel we stayed in last night.Which incidentally cost us £40 for a two single bed ,room and included dinner and breakfast.So far we must be averaging about £25 per person per night,since the start of our journey.
Had a long open discussion last night in the bar ie holding the glass to have the opportunity to get issues off your chest ,four people cooped up in a closed
environment will have moments of tension – good to talk!
The nightly routine of getting the previous days blog completed means I’m sleeping past 2am on average and getting up about 6am for the start of next days travels – ie 4 to 5 hours sleep.That small amount of sleep at home and the next day I would be a zombie,however,here on my travels surprisingly,it does not seem to be an issue.
After two weeks on our travels we are getting used to living out of our bags,getting more comfortable of routine and new environments
One thing we should have done ,as a preparatory, prior to the start of our journey,was to have listed the approximate euro and sterling conversion rates for each of the countries we were visiting.
There were no superstores visible in the entirety of the journey so far in Russia and today was no different on the road journey to Volgograd .Again roads were good and v long.
Picked a picnic spot to have a light lunch and Kirit and Peter went searching for a snake
Approximately 500 miles covered today and 13 hours. In total we have now covered just over 4,000 miles since we started.
So far, of the Russia we have seen – it looks massive and a very fertile land
Reached Volgograd at about 9pm,checked in at Volgogard Hotel and our rooms- photos of the room are self explanatory
Volgogard was formerly called Stalingrad (1925 – 61) , Industrial city and renamed after Stalins fall from grace.
Renamed Volgogard to pay tribute to the river that dominates it’s geography economy and culture

Tomorrow relax ,site seeing tour around Volgogard



















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