2nd Day in Lhasa: At the hospital for a routine blood test: 27th May

Went to bed at about 2am last night, finishing off the blog and the e-mails, but just could not get to sleep. Kirit was shuffling around in the other bed and before we knew it we were wide awake and didn’t finally get to sleep till 6am. Talked a bit about the new ‘Pharmacist Work & Lifestyle’ magazine, and the different angles the magazine could be directed towards in the future – sad talking about pharmacy at this time of the morning! We have done pretty well to avoid discussing pharmacy as a topic at best of times. But there is a lot happening in our profession and get drawn in from time to time.


After an hour of sleep, we went to the hospital we visited yesterday and we all had our blood test done, no particular reason, just to see how the process works here.

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They were pretty efficient, you just stood in a line queue, when your turn came you put your arm through a glass hatch, for a nurse to take the blood sample.


We continued on our day tour and found Bollywood in Tibet too!

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Old Lhasa.

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Chinese flags flying prominently.

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There was a connection with this restaurant and the sixth Dalai Lama – 300 years ago.
The 6th Dalai Lama – Tsangyang Gyatso, is a legendary and controversial figure with a life full of mysteries, and he was only 23 when he died.
However, bearing the label of “The Rebel Dalai Lama”, and as a passionate and young person who was constantly seeking love that was forbidden to him, he has left many beautiful love poems.
Throughout his life, he was probably struggling between “what he was forced to be” and “what he truly wanted to be”.

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3 thoughts on “2nd Day in Lhasa: At the hospital for a routine blood test: 27th May

  1. was Kirit just being a woos or did that needle really hurt! The palace looks amazing and 300 steps is a tough call . Good luck guys I am sure the climb will be worth it.The scenery en route was looks absolutely beautiful. Green with envy

  2. @Modi swearing in leader of Tibetan government in exile was invited to the ceremony who was greatful for this recognition. India support a free Tibet